Vikash Sharma

The overall solid waste management in Bhubaneswar has raised serious questions after the plight of the local residents near Sainik School Temporary Transit station (TTS) came to the fore.

The pile of garbage now resembles a hill while the putrid odour emanating from the waste is creating all sorts of problems for the local residents living in the vicinity of the TTS. The residents feel choked amidst the foul smell and scramble for clean and fresh air.

Apart from this, fear of several diseases also looms large especially in slum pockets. Aggravated over the issue, a group of residents on Monday distributed ointment used in the treatment of scabies, rashes and itching among the residents of Dhirakut slum.  Scabidol was distributed as a mark of protest against such an unhealthy atmosphere near the TTS.

Banditarani Das, a local resident said, “We are unable to stay inside the room due to the foul smell. All the family members including children are facing several health issues like rashes due to pollution in the area.”

Das further said that the experts opined that such things are occurring due to water and air pollution. But they are not able to give us a solution as such issues are persisting since long.

Earlier, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner Vijay Amruta Kulange had said that it will take another 6 to 7 months to clear the entire garbage from the area and the process has already been speeded up.

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