Himansu Shekhar Rout

Bamapada Kusthashram, a shelter home for leprosy-afflicted people in Balasore witnessed a rare sight with two sexagenarian inmates, outcast by their families, exchanging wedding vows to live together for the rest of their lives. 

The marriage was organised by the Odisha Health Department at the Jagannath temple on the shelter home premises. 

As per reports, Das Marandi (63) came to the shelter home for treatment of leprosy three years ago while Padmavati Das (65) has been an inmate for the past ten years. Das Marandi was a bachelor while Padmavati was earlier married and has two children.

However, her life turned topsy-turvy after she was diagnosed with the crippling disease. As life turned miserable with her family making her an outcast, she came to the shelter home. 

She said that even though she was cured of the disease, her family refused to accept her. Dejected, she came back to the shelter home.    

After months of treatment, the two were cured of the disease. During treatment, the two souls resonated with each other and both finally decided to tie the knot. The Health Department arranged their marriage at the Jagannath temple.

Chief District Medical Officer, Dr Dulalsen Jagdev, medical officer of the leprosy patients’ shelter home Dr Sumitra Dey, and Additional Chief Medical Officer (ADMO) Dr Mrutyunjay Mishra were present during the ceremony.
Dr Sumitra Dey said that Das Marandi first gave the marriage proposal which Padmavati had earlier refused. Padmavati finally agreed following the intervention of the Health department officials, Dey added.

ADMO Dr. Mrutyunjay Mishra said, “We all are happy for such a marriage, which is rarely witnessed. Both exchanged vows to spend the rest of their lives as their families have shunned them.”

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