Himansu Shekhar Rout

Internationally renowned sand artist and Padma Shri Sudarsan Pattnaik added another feather to his cap by creating the biggest-ever sand sculpture of Santa Claus at Puri beach on Sunday. The sculpture made of sand and onions to celebrate Christmas created a world record after it was placed in the World Records Book of India.

As per reports, the sculpture is 40 ft high, 100ft long, and 20 ft wide and was made of sand and two tonnes of onions. The colossal sand sculpture took eight days for a team of 32 students led by Sudarsan to complete. The massive sand art has been drawing huge crowds at the beach. 

The sand art was embossed with a congratulatory message ‘Merry Christmas” along with an awareness message ‘Gift a plant’ aimed at sensitising people toward the need for a greener earth. 

Beaming his happiness, Sudarsan Pattnaik said, “When the world will be celebrating Christmas tomorrow, people all over the globe will look for Puri beach in Odisha where the biggest Santa Claus has been made of onions and sand. It also gives a green message to all.”

“It is a great honour for us that the World Records Book of India has recognized the sand art as the biggest one made of onions and sand,” he said.

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