Vikash Sharma

In a bizarre incident, a person is reportedly absconding after leaving a dead body at police outpost in Odisha. The incident has been reported from Bolangir hospital.

A driver, who had brought the dead body of a woman in his vehicle, has levelled such allegations at the police outpost. After the allegations, police brought the vehicle and the dead body to the outpost and started an investigation into the matter.

As per initial reports, the deceased has been identified as a woman from Bangamunda area in Bolangir. However, it is not clear why the relative of the deceased deserted the body.

Sources said that the relative left the spot after telling the driver to bring cash and never returned. The relative, who brought the dead body, is said to be the brother-in-law of the deceased woman.

The driver of the vehicle said, “I had left the place at 1 pm and reached hospital at around 4 pm. He cheated me and did not paid Rs 8000 transportation charges as the total distance was around 220 kms.”

According to the driver, during the conversation, the person, who was accompanying the dead body, claimed that she was his sister-in-law who was a widow.

  • Reported by:
  • Ghateswar Mishra