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The state unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday launched a broadside against Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi over his statement terming the Hindus as violent and liars in the Lok Sabha on Monday. 

Launching a fierce attack on the Congress leader, Odisha BJP President Manmohan Samal said the Congress is feeling suffocated after sitting in the Opposition seat. Rahul Gandhi is a person who doesn’t know what he says. It is impossible to think about India minus Hindus. 

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Samal even went on to call him a liar, violent and terrorist. 

“If the Hindus are violent, how could Rahul Gandhi be excluded? He is also violent, a liar and a terrorist. Speaking like this not only as a Member of the Parliament but also as the Leader of the Opposition has hurt the sentiments of 140 crore people. We shouldn’t expect more from him who couldn’t show respect to their Prime Minister and the Constitution. He would snap wires and throw them at Manmohan Singh. The Congress has forgotten manners. We have seen what it did in a blind quest for power in the past,” he added. 

No comments were received from the Congress on the Odisha BJP President’s statements.

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