Pradeep Pattanayak

If everything goes right, the buildings along the Grand Road or the 'Bada Danda' in Puri will have a uniform colour. The facades of the buildings; be they commercial or residential, will be painted in light pink. 

The colour of the buildings on both sides of the Grand Road may change from the present ivory to light pink. The decision regarding the colour of the roadside buildings is said to have been taken yesterday during the visit of the chairperson of 5T, VK Pandian. 

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Sources said a total of 14 colours like white, pink etc. were taken into consideration and a consensus on light pink was reached. It is also heard that once the guideline is put into effect, and the building owners don’t change the colour of their buildings, the government will do it for them. But, the building owners will bear the expenses of the next fresh coats. 

“If the buildings are painted with a uniform colour, it will help increase the spiritualism among the visitors,” said Puri Sub-Collector, Bhabataran Sahu. 

Meanwhile, the Puri residents urged the government to bear the expenses of painting as it did at the time of ‘Nabakalebar’ when the buildings were given a light yellow colour.

“We have recently constructed our building. As per the last decision, we have given it a coat of ivory colour.  If the government wants to give the buildings a new colour, they should get it done for this time and later on we will do it on our own,” said Saswat Swain, a businessman. 

Echoing the same, a city resident Pratima Mohanty said, “The expenses of colouring the façade of our building was borne by the government. We didn’t spend a penny for it.”

Sources said a target has been set to change the colour of the grand roadside buildings before the commission of the Srimandir Heritage Corridor Project.

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