Himansu Shekhar Rout

Like a typical scene straight out of a Bollywood movie, police caught some ganja mafias after giving them an intense chase to their fleeting SUV with the contraband. The incident reported from Rairakhole in Sambalpur was captured on a CCTV camera on Sunday night.

As per reports, the Rairakhole police received intelligence inputs about ganja smuggling in an SUV. A team of police officials started chasing the SUV coming from the Kadaligad side. After a long chase, the two ganja traders managed to drive the vehicle into Bhima Bhoi Adikand Market complex and abandoned the vehicle before fleeing the scene.

After a hot pursuit, police arrested one of the accused at Rairakhola College Chhak. Moments later, another was caught near Maheswari Hospital. The accused were identified as Arman Khan of Jharkhand and Altaf Raj of Rourkela. 

Police also seized the SUV along with 57 kg of ganja.  

Meanwhile, police produced the accused in court on Monday.