Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a good news for the residents of Mayurbhanj district, the repair and expansion of the damaged stretch of Bangiriposi ghat road will be undertaken very soon.

According to Union Minister Bishweswar Tudu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is most likely to lay the foundation stone of the road in February.

The Bangiriposi ghat road, which is connecting both parts of Mayurbhanj district, has turned into a death trap for the denizens.

As per reports, due to the poor condition of the road, two trucks had caught fire after falling from the ghat to a 20 metre ditch on Friday. While the driver of a truck was killed in the blaze, another person was crushed under the heavy vehicle. As many as 40 people lost their valuable lives and more than 200 were injured in more than 160 accidents on the damaged road in last two years.

The expansion of National Highway 49 along Bangiriposi ghat has also turned into a major political issue in Mayurbhanj district.

“The tender process for the expansion project of Bangiriposi ghat road has almost been finished. A budget of Rs 250 crore has been allocated for the project. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been invited to lay the foundation stone. The PM will lay the foundation stone of the project after Makara Sankranti,” said Union Minister Bishweswar Tudu.