Pradeep Pattanayak

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday hailed the artwork depicting modern fashion ideas on the walls of the world-famous Sun Temple at Konark in Puri.  

While addressing the gathering during the National Creators Award presentation ceremony at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi, PM Modi said there was knowledge of modern fashion designs among Indians even at the time when the Sun temple was being constructed. 

“It will surprise many people. Today people think a mini skirt is a sign of modernity and so is a purse hanging from the arms of a woman. If you go to Konark, you will find stone sculptures on the walls of this centuries-old temple. There you will also find a sculpture of a mini skirt-wearing girl with her purse hanging from her arm,” he said. 

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“It means, hundreds of years ago, even a stone sculptor had the knowledge of fashion. It means we can take the diversities of India to the entire world,” he added. 

During the event, the Prime Minister gave away awards in twenty categories including Best Storyteller, Celebrity Creator of The year, and Best Creator for Social Change.