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I am paying for my first marriage and the question of second marriage will arise only when I get rid of the court visits, said actor-turned-politician Anubhav Mohanty in an exclusive interview with OTV on Monday. 

“It has been more than three years since complainant Varsha Priyadarshini filed a case against me. She had been avoiding court since July to find proof to substantiate her claims against me. The court even penalized her on September 21 for not appearing. Again she didn’t appear on September 22. Today she came to the court for the first time. Today also she would have remained absent had the court not served a notice through police,” said Mohanty. 

“Varsha has filed her evidence in an affidavit. On the next date, there would be evidence-in-chief. And then her trial would start,” he said. 
When asked if the counselling session bore any fruit, he said, “I can’t say much about the counselling. I can only say that the case is against me. She is the complainant. I have been attending on each date. I am ready to answer whatever allegations she has leveled against me. But she should be ready. And she should have pieces of evidence to prove her claims. All the allegations she has brought against me are baseless, false, planted, and created to trouble me. I believe justice would be delivered to me one day.”

When asked about the family court dismissing his divorce petition, he said, “It was very unfortunate. We never expected such a judgment. We had been pinning hope that the judgment would go in favour because we had submitted enough evidence to prove the allegations false. However, there is the High Court and the Supreme Court and truth will win.”

On Varsha terming the family court’s judgment as the victory of truth, he said, “She had filed for a petition seeking restitution of her conjugal rights under Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act. The court rejected her petition.  Neither would I get a divorce nor would she be allowed to stay with me. I don't know what she is celebrating about.”

When asked whether he should go for a second marriage after divorce, the actor-turned-politician said, “Why you are asking me about the second marriage. I am still paying for my first marriage. If all the pieces of evidence are considered carefully, one thing will emerge that my marriage with Varsha was solemnized before the media and it was nothing but a show-off. A lot of money was spent in the marriage”

On his political journey, Mohanty said, “I would never quit politics. I will never do dirty politics. I respect Naveen Babu a lot. It is a matter of good luck to work under a person like him."

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