Mrunal Manmay Dash

As we embark on a journey that would probably be led by automation and artificial intelligence (AI), Odisha Television Network’s (OTV) AI news anchor, Lisa is already making waves on social media globally.

From the US, UK, Greece, and even Bangladesh and Pakistan, the craze of Lisa is such that it has caught the attention of global media.

Award-winning writer, Taslima Nasreen tweeted, “Saw AI news anchor Lisa. AI would be able to do a hell of a lot what we humans do. Will science fiction come true? Earth will be occupied by AI!”



Following its launch on July 9, the news of Lisa has been spreading like wildfire. People are sharing videos and memes of Lisa. It is said that the reason behind Lisa’s global appeal is her desi avatar as she is not only an AI news anchor, but a regional AI news anchor who speaks Odia, Hindi, and English.

Wearing both Western and traditional Odia outfits, she looks trendy and cultured.

Speaking about the achievement, Founder of Olive Ridley Media, Samar Pratap Nayak said, “Everybody around the globe is discussing Lisa making it not only an achievement of Odisha but of India as well. It is a success story that is being celebrated globally.”

Social media influencer, Riten Patnaik said, “Odisha has many a time been considered a laggard in technology. But with Lisa, it will be safe to say that Odisha has brought about a revolution in technology.”

"Lisa AI is going to be a global sensation. The response we are getting from all over the globe is overwhelming,” said Brand Strategist, Deepesh Patel.

Even the youths are excited about Lisa too.

“We want to hear how Lisa speaks and see how she conducts herself. We want to know how is she different than others in news delivery,” said a college student, Shravani Mishra from Berhampur.

It is pertinent to mention here that more than 10,000 users have already followed Lisa on Instagram (

In terms of potential, though Lisa has the capability to speak in many languages, for the time being, she will only present news in Odia and English for OTV Network's television and digital platforms. Efforts are underway to make Lisa more proficient in Odia in the coming days.