Himansu Shekhar Rout

The Orissa High Court on Wednesday expressed its displeasure over the delay in the restoration work of Puri Srimandir Nata Mandap and directed the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to start its work from November 16. 

The HC also ordered that the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) will extend all possible cooperation to the ASI in the restoration work.

In its order, the High Court also said that the amicus curiae will monitor the repair work and will be submitting its reports every 15 days to the court. 

The next hearing of the case related to the restoration work of Srimandir Nata Mandap will be held on December 4. 

Speaking to the media, Alok Mohapatra, the counsel of the applicant, said that the division bench of the High Court held the hearing on the case about the Srimandir Nata Mandap in the presence of the ASI superintendent and the SJTA superintendent. 

He added that the ASI superintendent submitted an affidavit about the restoration work of the Nata Mandap on Wednesday. The ASI and the SJTA superintendents told the court that as the holy month of Kartika is yet to end and the work on a step is underway; the restoration work will be started from January 24, 2024.  

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“The High Court expressed its displeasure over the delay in the restoration of the Nata Mandap and ordered the ASI to start the work from tomorrow and the temple administration will provide all cooperation in this matter.  The court also said that it is the responsibility of the temple administration to ensure smooth darshan of deities by devotees and simultaneous hassle-free restoration work,” the counsel added.  

"The ASI in its affidavit said that it will take 120 days to complete the restoration work with 6 hours of work every day,” Alok Mohapatra said. 

The High Court had earlier appointed amicus curiae, N K Mohanty to submit reports about the Nata Mandap and the Jagamohan following a petition filed over the safety of the two structures.

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