Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a bid to seek justice, bereaved family members of a deceased youth walked five kilometres with his dead body on their shoulders to Baripada City Police Station on Friday.

As per reports, the youth’s body was found hanging from a girl’s house in the Damodarpur area in the district three days back. As per the allegation of the family members, the youth was in a love relationship with the girl. They claimed that the family members of the girl killed the youth and hung him to pass it off as suicide.

The family members further alleged that despite lodging a complaint, the police didn’t take any steps to investigate the incident.

As per reports, after the post-mortem, the family members walked to the police station carrying the body on their shoulders demanding an unbiased investigation into the incident.

“I don’t think that the police will give us justice. They are telling us to dismiss the case if nothing comes out in the medical report. We think that the police are under pressure to dismiss the case. We need justice and that is why we carried the body to the police station,” said a relative of the deceased.