Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Odisha Television Network’s Alankar YouTube channel has achieved incredible success within a very short span of time. The channel has hit 1.28 lakh subscribers in just six months.

Celebrations kicked off on the office premises in Bhubaneswar on Wednesday after the channel achieved the feat. 

In response to the huge success, the head of the channel Devidutta Mohanty said, “It’s a great success to get more than one lakh subscribers within such a short period of time.”

“I thank our whole team for uploading quality content on our channel to attract the audience. We got a huge number of subscribers within a short span of time due to good content. We also thank YouTube and our audience for promoting our channel and showering love on us and our content,” said Mohanty.

Alankar is popular among the audience due to its rich content on Odia movies and Jatra shows. The YouTube channel, which was created to cater to the demands of the youth, seems to have served its purpose well by becoming hugely popular.

Apart from movies and jatras, audiences can enjoy popular movie scenes, songs, and comedy sequences. Along with long videos, shorts could also be seen on the YouTube channel.