Pradeep Pattanayak

When he resigned from an IT company in Malaysia to take up agriculture in Rayagada, he was brimming with confidence. It is that confidence which has made him a successful farmer today and a source of inspiration for many. 

Meet software engineer-turned-farmer Satya Prabin of Rayagada district. 

Satya Prabin’s father came to Rayagada from Andhra Pradesh 13 years ago. He used to grow vegetables to run his family. After completing his school education in the village, Satya did software engineering from a private college in Rayagada. He then went to Malaysia and joined an IT company at a monthly salary of Rs 2 lakh.

But he was well aware of having a green thumb. He grew up watching his father working on the agricultural land. So he had the desire to take up farming as a source of livelihood. 

Driven by determination and confidence, Satya finally resigned from his job and returned to his village last year to try his luck. And it started shining. 

“After completing B.Tech, I joined a company based in Malaysia. I worked there for 11 years. Last year I returned to my village to take up cultivation. Then I was drawing a salary of around Rs 2 lakh a month. I grew up watching my father working in the agricultural fields and a penchant for agriculture grew in me,” said Satya. 

He is growing a variety of vegetables on his 34 acres of land applying modern technology and organic fertilizer. 

The method he has employed on his farmland is called drip system. Pipes are laid out on the land and through these pipes water as well as fertilizer is being provided to each of the plants.

Now he has been regarded as a successful farmer in the locality. While he is earning enough to meet the family expenses, he has also given employment to around 60 people of his village and nearby villages. 

“The method applied for growing vegetables is new for the villagers. The outcome is very encouraging,” said Kameswar Rao, a labourer. 

Rayagada block development officer (BDO) Laxmi Narayan Sabat said Collector Swadha Dev Singh had visited Satya’s agricultural land and was all praise for him. 

“He has set an example for others. The small-time farmers should follow his footstep and cultivate vegetables on their agricultural lands using organic fertilizer. This will not only make them self-sufficient but also improve their financial condition. Moreover, vegetables grown in an organic way will be beneficial to our health as well,” said Sabat.

(Reported by Maudi Barik from Rayagada, OTV)