Cassian Baliarsingh

Every evening, after completing his regular teaching job in a school, Ganesh sir travels from one village to the village and makes sure that every deprived and neglected child, who cannot afford to go to school, also gets proper education. His unique method of teaching using music, songs, and dance is the major attraction among students.

It is his dream to bring underprivileged and poor children into the mainstream of society. He is now on a mission to impart education to tribal children through 'Barnabodha Pathasala'.

Popularly known as Ganesh Jena Sir, he works as a school teacher at Kuladiha Primary School under Basta block in Balasore district. However, his passion is to use education and his knowledge in transforming the lives of neglected and deprived children.

A regular day for Ganesh sir starts from 9-5 pm at the school. He then sets off on his bike and goes to various villages where he teaches poor children who cannot go to school for various reasons. 

“There are many students who are not going to schools due to a lack of awareness of the importance of education. Education is the only way forward. We cannot bring change to our lives without proper education. So, it is my only dream to bring such deprived children into the mainstream of the society,” said Ganesh who is an inspiration for many in his area.

“He is an inspiration for many. He is teaching Odia to our children and we are extremely grateful for his unconditional support to our children,” said a child’s father.

Not just in Balasore, he is imparting knowledge to deprived children in the neighbouring Mayurbhanj district also. He has been receiving praise from all quarters for his noble job.

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