Cassian Baliarsingh

Mother’s love is the only purest form of love in this selfish, conditional world and Rebati Pradhan of Odisha has proved it. 
The elderly woman from Janla village under Brahmagiri block of Puri district gave a new lease of life to his son by donating her kidney.

Despite the threat to her life, Rebati came forward to donate her kidney to save her son’s life.

“If need be, I would rather choose death and donate both my kidneys for my son,” said an emotional Rebati, mother of Vivekanand Pradhan.

According to sources, Vivekanand lived with his elderly parents Bansidhar Pradhan and Rebati Pradhan. Due to lack of income source, he had gone to work as a migrant worker in a neighbouring state. However, soon his health condition deteriorated and was diagnosed with kidney ailment.

Doctors said both his kidney was damaged. Without a second thought, Rebati decided to donate one of her kidneys to her son and the transplantation was successful. 

“I was already on the death bed. But my mother snatched me back from Yamaraj, such is the power of mother’s love,” said Vivekanand as tears rolled down his eyes.

On the other hand, Rebati said, “I should die first. How can I see my son die in front of me? So, without any hesitation, I told the doctors if required take both my kidneys, I will prefer death, but I want my son alive at any cost.”

Speaking on mother’s love, Rebati’s neighbour Sarojini Parida said, “The word mother is so valuable that it can only be compared with God himself. There is no other comparison in this world. From giving birth to sacrificing their whole life for their children, only a mother can do that.”


(Reported by Ravi Narayan Pujari, OTV)