Pradeep Pattanayak

The Bhitarkanika National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Kendrapara district has been closed for visitors and locals from today till July 31, in view of the breeding season of the estuarine crocodiles. 

Since this season is the mating and nesting season of the crocodiles, the gate of the National Park is closed every year during this period to ensure safety of the visitors and the aquatic animals. 

According to the authorities, crocodiles turn more violent during this mating season. If the park is kept open during this season, tourists will continue to visit the site by mechanised boats the sound of which makes the animals violent. They may cause harm to visitors. 

The crocodiles choose high ground to lay and hatch eggs. This is because the high ground places don’t get submerged and get proper sunlight. They also hide their eggs with dry leaves and keep a watch on them. The Forest department has taken adequate arrangements to protect the eggs from being devoured by predators like snakes, jackals and dogs found in the jungle. 

As per the government information, there are 1793 crocodiles in total in the rivers and rivulets flowing in Bhitarkanika area.

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