Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Paradip police has intensified its probe into the seizure of the suspected spy pigeon from Puri to find out whether the bird belongs to Pakistan or China.

The bird was captured by the fishermen of a trawler named Sarathi at Ramchandi in Konark area in Puri district on the afternoon of March 6. The ‘feathered agent’ was found to be tagged with a tiny spy camera and a chip what appeared to be a GPS tracking system. 

Police have questioned the fishermen of the trawler in which the pigeon was found. Veterinary surgeons conducted the health check-up of the pigeon and found it to be in good condition.

As per reports, Paradip Marine Police took the bird to Cuttack Dog and Pigeon Squad today for further investigation. The Squad will try to decode the secret and the coded message written in a foreign language in blue and red on the feathers of the pigeon. 

Moreover, the spy camera and the GPS chip that was wrapped on the bird’s leg with black tape will be taken to the State Forensic Science Laboratory in Bhubaneswar for examination.

Notably, the trawler was anchored near Ramchandi lighthouse in Konark when the pigeon perched on it. The fishermen found a GPS chip and camera fitted to the leg of the pigeon. They immediately captured the bird and tied it with a rope. Subsequently, they handed the bird to Paradip Marine Police.