Vikash Sharma

Everybody across the country was taken aback when they first learnt about the simplicity of Pratap Sarangi after he was elected to Lok Sabha from Balasore. Be it his thatched house or riding a bicycle, Sarangi lives an austere life and has dedicated his life to the service of the people.

Sarangi is now again in the news after he recently constructed a mud house with a thatched roof. But this time Sarangi has chosen a place inside his Delhi-based official quarters for coming up with the traditional house.

The eco-friendly thatched house has been made from mud, cow dung, urine, sand and neem leaves. Bamboo and straw have been used for the construction of the roof. With rural and tribal art adorning the walls, what stands out inside the eco-friendly house is a bicycle that has been placed inside the rooms of the house.

It is pertinent to mention here that a lot of people, who used to visit Sarangi in Delhi, were facing inconvenience due to lack of accommodation facilities at the official quarters. Later, Sarangi had moved the concerned authorities who informed the MP to obtain the necessary permission from the Union Government which took some time.

“As there were some space constraints, I had sought permission to come up with extra space. I decided to come up with the thatched house as it is budget-friendly and very eco-friendly as mud is lively and as cow dung has an anti-radiative element,” said Sarangi.

According to Sarangi, he has a special inclination towards mud-house and it can be a viable option for many others as well.

A mud structure has also been erected inside the room which can be used for sleeping. The construction of the eco-friendly house took around 6 months to complete and most of the raw materials have been procured from Haryana. The house has been constructed at very low expenses with an aim to create awareness among the urban masses.

“It is really amazing to see the way the MP has come up with a unique concept to promote the concept which is eco-friendly. All the design and system is unique and certainly a marvel in a place like Delhi,” said a visitor from Chhattisgarh.

(Reported by Sibanand Rout)