Manoj Kumar Jena

The Odisha Government’s Home Department has enhanced the per-day food packet allowances for various ranks of police personnel.

The allowances have been increased for Police Havildars, Constables and Sepoys.

Keeping in view of the dedication and continued duty for eight hours by the police personnel, the Home Department (HM) took this decision. 

"The Government after careful consideration has been pleased to enhance Food Packet Allowance from Rs 50 to Rs 75 per day to Havildars, Constables, and Sepoys for performing continuous and uninterrupted duty for eight hours or more," the official notification read.

The rule will be implemented from the day of issuance of the notification.

On the other hand, the Odisha Fire Services Department personnel are wearing black badges as part of their ongoing protest demanding equal grade pay as given to the police. Apart from this, they are also demanding government recognition for the union which has been banned.

“We have been protesting for the last five years and the government is not fulfilling our demands. We demand the same grade pay as the police personnel. The union which was banned by the government should be given recognition,” said fire department personnel.

Another personnel said, “We are doing all the duties and fighting during the disasters, but the government failed to address our issues. The government should increase our pay and make it equal to the police. We will continue with our protest till our demands are not fulfilled.”