Mrunal Manmay Dash

The Congress party held a protest march and demonstration at Badchana in Jajpur citing deterioration in law and order and widespread discrepancies in PMAY beneficiary list.

Following a march led by Congress leader Rajnarayan Mohapatra, the supporters sat on Dharna in front of the Badchana Block office.

“Law and order situation in Odisha is one of the worst in the country. An influential minister was shot dead in broad daylight. Though it is projected that a police ASI shot him, no video can corroborate it. The BJD is trying very hard to keep the Congress out of power. Because they know, if we come to power we will probe each and every criminal case in which BJD leaders are involved,” said A Chellakumar, party's Odisha in-charge.

Odisha Congress Chief, Sarat Patnaik said, “I am overwhelmed to see such huge response in Jajpur. I thank the residents of Badchana for their unending support for the Congress party. I am sure BJD’s 22-year despotic reign will come to an end in next elections.”

“Nobody is safe in Odisha. Not even a minister. The situation has gone from bad to worse for women. The fall of this government is imminent,” he added.

Badchana Congress leader, Rajnarayan Mohapatra said, “More than 15,000 people have gathered here to protest mass corruption and goondaraj of the BJD in Badchana. The recent PMAY beneficiary list published by the district administration has 1500-1700 complaints in Badchana block only. There are 5-6 middlemen connected to the BJD who take money from people for including names in the PMAY beneficiary list. This is outrageous. People have decided that they will throw this party out and bring a change in the next election,” Mohapatra asserted.

No comments have been received from the ruling BJD.

(Reported By Ghulam Guss, OTV)