Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

At a time when people are fighting for religions causing threats to national unity and integrity, a Muslim devotee in Odisha has set a bright example of how to create harmony in the society by singing songs of Hindu deities.

Meet Muzib Khan from Kandetara village under Nuapada district who is popular as ‘Bhakta Salabega’ for his sweet, soothing and devotional renditions of Lord Jagannath.

Though Muzib is a true Muslim, he has never confined himself to any particular religion. Along with performing all the Muslim rituals, he feels blissful while singing the bhajans of Lord Jagannath. After listening to his devotional songs on Lord Jagannath, people started calling Muzib as the modern day ‘Bhakta Salabega’.

Along with Jagannath Bhajans, Muzib also sings bhajans of other Hindu deities like Lord Ram, Shiva and Goddess Durga in Odia, Hindi and Sambalpuri languages.

“Gods in all religions are one and same. So, I follow all the Muslim rituals and sing bhajans of Hindu Gods as well. I get a lot of peace and bliss while singing Bhajans of Lord Jagannath,” said Muzib.

Muzib also loves and respects all the Hindu festivals and celebrates those with full fervor and spirit. He also worships Hindu Gods by following all the rituals with utmost sincerity and devotion.

“Muzib is accepted and loved by one and all in the area for his devotional songs on Lord Jagannath and other Hindu deities. He has really set an example for peace and harmony in society,” said Naveen Bhoi, a villager of Kandetara.

Muzib is now a popular singer in the area as he sings in huge bhajan programmes. Some of his songs have also been recorded in the studio.

“My brother has been accepted and loved by people for his devotional bhajans on Hindu Gods. He also celebrates all the Hindu festivals and takes vegetarian food during that period,” said Muzib’s sister, Rubina.