Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

When most of the elders are less perturbed and sensitive about wildlife conservation, a little girl has earned lavish praise from one and all with her amazing awareness and concern for the rescue and protection of endangered species of sea turtles.

Recently, a heart-wrenching video of a little girl crying desperately to seek help from others for the rescue of a huge Olive Ridley sea turtle, stuck in a net, has won the heart of many animal lovers.

As per reports, a little girl from Cuttack had gone to Paradip sea beach with her father. While strolling on the beach, she found to her utter shock that a huge Olive Ridley turtle has been stuck in a net and the sea turtle is trying desperately to set itself free from the trap.

The girl was crestfallen with the painful sight. She cried desperately for help to set the sea turtle free from the trap. However, none came to the rescue of the helpless turtle.

The girl’s father then requested some fishermen in the nearby area to extend help. But his request fell on deaf ears as they didn’t care to waste their time rescuing a poor turtle.

However, the little girl was determined to help the poor and helpless turtle. Though she had no tools at her disposal to cut the strong net and set the turtle free, she didn’t lose heart. She collected some pieces of glass lying on the beach and with the help of those glasses, her father and some other kind-hearted people somehow managed to cut the net. Subsequently, they picked the turtle and released it into the sea again. 

The little girl was ecstatic after seeing the turtle swimming dip into the sea again. However, she was deeply shocked that one of the legs of the turtle was badly damaged.

The kind act of the little sensitive girl has earned her lavish praise from netizens across various social media platforms. However, the lackadaisical attitude of some fishermen in putting the lives of the endangered sea turtles in danger has put a question mark on the seriousness of the prevailing conservation laws.