Pradeep Pattanayak

Be it a government scheme or a programme or any common problem; people always come with their own opinions. Since all the plans and programmes are meant for the people, their opinions are sometimes worth their weight in gold. 

OTV has started a small initiative-E Janata Mata, to make their opinions & voices heard.
These days, the fever of the Hockey World Cup has gripped the Millennium City of Cuttack and the Capital City 
of Bhubaneswar. These two cities have been decked up unprecedentedly. But the city dwellers have different opinions about such razzle-dazzle. 

“Since Odisha is hosting the Hockey World Cup, it is earning name and fame for the State. But the cleanliness we are witnessing now shouldn’t be for just 10 days. Rather it should continue for years together. And the displaced street vendors and businessmen should be rehabilitated properly or else they will set up their shops once the attention shifts,” said a Bhubaneswar dweller. 

“The eviction of poor & small-time businessmen is not acceptable. The government should come with a permanent solution for them. And the beautification drive should continue throughout the year,” said a senior citizen of Bhubaneswar. 

“The opening ceremony will be held at this stadium (Barabati Stadium). For which, activities like beautification drive have gathered pace. It is a good thing. But the beauty now added to this city should be maintained for the days to come,” observed a Cuttack city resident. 

Echoing the same, another Cuttack city resident said, “The roads are painted and there are paintings everywhere. But it should be maintained for good. Another thing I want to say is that the displaced street vendors should also be rehabilitated.”