Vikash Sharma

What will you do if you find Rs 10,000 cash inside an ATM kiosk? Well, many people may keep the cash with them and walk away. But a woman home guard has set an example by returning the cash to its rightful owner. Such an incident has now become the talk of the town in Mayurbhanj district.

As per reports, the lady home guard, identified as Sangita Marandi had recently visited an ATM counter to withdraw cash from her account. It was then she noticed that another machine dispensed Rs 10,000 and there was no claimant inside. Without a second thought, Sangita took the cash and reported the matter to Mayurbhanj SP, B. Gangadhar.

Later, a probe was launched and it was found that the cash belonged to a doctor. “I saw the cash inside the ATM and later handed over the money to senior officials with the intention that it reaches its owner. It was not my money and I thought that the owner might be worried about the lost money,” said Sangita.

“I am thankful to the police personnel for displaying such a gesture. I had visited the ATM as I needed cash. I tried to withdraw Rs 10,000, but no money was dispensed in my second attempt. Then I came out of the ATM,” said Dr. Nimai Charan Hembrum.

The senior police officials announced a cash reward of Rs 2,000 for Sangita for discharging her duty honestly and returning the cash to its rightful owner.

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