Pradeep Pattanayak

A high-level committee has started its investigation into the collapse of a portion of an under-construction bridge over the southern part of the Gobari River and meant to connect the Kendrapara bus terminal with Tinimuhani on March 15. 

Today, the three-member committee visited the spot and collected samples to ascertain the reasons why the girder collapsed. The officers expressed dissatisfaction after finding the construction company destroyed about 10 meters of the broken part of the bridge without any consent from the concerned authorities. 

“The girder, unfortunately, collapsed during the time of erection.  We are now inspecting the possible reasons for the collapse. We have collected samples from different places because there may be different reasons for girder toppling. We are inspecting from all the possible angles,” said N.C.Pal, Engineer-in-Chief of the state’s Works Department. 

Notably, there was no casualty in the mishap. It occurred when the contractor was putting a girder over the main bridge which collapsed allegedly due to some operational faults. Local people ascribed it to the use of substandard construction materials. They demanded the Chief Engineer should visit the site and conduct an inquiry. They also demanded that all the pillars should be dismantled and the work should start from scratch.