Vikash Sharma

The unbearable heat is now causing all sorts of problems for the people across Odisha. From drinking plenty of water, juices to ORS, people are trying all possible options available at their hands to beat the heat.

Have you ever wondered how animals cope-up with such extreme weather conditions? It is good Samaritans who try their best to ensure that animals and birds do not face problems in getting water and food during the scorching heatwave conditions.

One such Samaritan is Rashmiranjan of Aul in Kendrapara district. Rashmiranjan, who works at Community Health Centre, is now on a mission to make provision of drinking water for birds.

Rashmiranjan has targetted to come up with 1000 temporary water units, using earthen pots at different parts of the area.

“From today, I have started installing such earthen pots on trees. I plan to set up around 1000 such units in the next coming days,” said Rashmiranjan.

According to Rashmiranjan, such arrangements are necessary as birds face problems in getting water with major water bodies drying up.

Not only Rashmiranjan, a group of students along with an NGO in Bhubaneswar is also making necessary arrangements for drinking water and summer diet for stray animals.

The group is moving around different parts of the city to feed the stray animals and make necessary drinking water arrangements for them.

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