Pradeep Pattanayak

The Indian Navy’s first batch of ‘Agniveers’ are undergoing ab initio training at INS Chilika, the training establishment of the Navy. 

As many as 2,597 Agniveers are receiving basic training on what should be their duties and responsibilities and how they will perform. The training session that was started on December 1 will end in the last week of this month. After passing out, they will join the Navy and they will again undergo another phase of training there. 

According to these trainee Aginveers, the training spreading over 16 weeks has infused confidence in them. 

“Initially, the training seemed to be very tough. As time passed, we got inured to it. Our training is about to end. We feel good,” said an Agniveer.

“As our POP (passing out parade) is about to take place, we are excited,” said another Agniveer. 

Echoing the same, another Agniveer said, “After theory, we are being initiated into practical training. The basic things required on a ship are being taught to us. Everything is going on fine.”

“They are fully prepared. We have made them capable in every field. After the passing out parade on March 28, they will receive professional training. Thereafter they will be deployed on ships,” said Commanding officer, INS Chilika, Commodore NP Pradeep. 

Of the 2,597 Agniveers who are undergoing training before joining the Indian Army, 273 are women. Like their male counterparts, these women Agniveers are too receiving all sorts of training. The passing out parade scheduled to be held on March 28 will be attended by Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar.

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