Vikash Sharma

The marital spat between playback singer Humane Sagar and his wife Shriya Mishra took a new turn on Sunday with the latter accusing the popular playback singer of torturing her under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, Shriya also hinted at reconciliation provided her husband Humane Sagar gives her the status, accept and love her as a wife.

According to Shriya, her husband Humane Sagar used to beat her up after consuming alcohol and such torture increased after the birth of their daughter.

“Humane used to beat me for not allowing him to consume alcohol as I used to lock them (bottles) in a cupboard. Despite the torture, I never disclosed these things to anybody as Humane Sagar used to apologise. However, he (Humane) had no attachment towards his daughter. Their marital relationship turned sour due to the entry of a third person,” said Shriya without revealing much about the ‘third person’.

On previous allegations regarding conversion, Shriya while addressing a presser today said, “My mother-in-law was against my decision to apply Bindi, Sindoor and other articles but they (in-laws) never forced or tortured me for religious conversion.”

Earlier, Shriya’s father had accused the noted playback singer of having multiple affairs and forcing Shriya to convert to Christianity.

On Tuesday, Shriya had accused Humane Sagar of torturing her mentally and physically and approached the Mahila Police. Subsequently, the couple was called for counselling for the mutual settlement of the matter. The next counselling is likely to be held on January 30.

“They (in-laws) drove me out of the house and hence, efforts need to come from their side. I am hopeful that things will fall back on track. I will wait till January 30,” said Shriya.

Earlier, Humane’s mother said, “Be it cars or land, everything has been bought in Shriya’s name. Since her marriage in 2015, we have never asked to change her religion. These allegations are not true at all.”

Humane Sagar said, “The way we are being insulted, it has hurt everybody at home. I also want amicable settlement but the allegations brought against me by Shriya at the press conference are false.”

On Shriya’s allegation of ‘third person’, Humane Sagar further said, “I have a lot of friends and colleagues and there should be mutual trust between husband and wife. Nobody is above my family members. The allegations brought against my mother and others are false.”

The playback singer said that, “There have been lot of misunderstanding and everybody at home wants to resolve all issues. I don’t have time and age to have any affair or beating anyone.”

(Reported by Pradeep Mohanty and Debasish Mohanty)