• Saturday, September 23, 2023
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  • Not allowed to wear 'sindoor,' consume 'prasad': Playback singer Humane Sagar's wife

Not allowed to wear 'sindoor,' consume 'prasad': Playback singer Humane Sagar's wife

"There is a third person between us for which I was made to leave that house", said Shriya.

Rashmi Rekha Das
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Not allowed to wear 'sindoor,' consume 'prasad': Playback singer Humane Sagar's wife PhotoPhoto: OTV

Old photo of Humane Sagar and his wife Shriya

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The marital spat between playback singer Humane Sagar and his wife Shriya Mishra is getting uglier with each passing day.  

Humane's wife Shriya, in an exclusive interview with OTV, revealed that she remained tight-lipped about torture for a long time just because she did not want to tarnish the image of her celebrity husband.

 “My husband is a celebrity for which I never wanted to malign his image. So I had kept mum despite being subjected to mental and physical torture by him for years,” said Shriya to OTV.

She continued: “Apart from the physical and mental torture, he used to provoke me to embrace his religion. Torture became frequent after the birth of our baby girl. When it reached an intolerable limit in last six months, I knocked the door of police station. My parents and relatives even tried their best to convince Humane. But nothing worked.” 

On asking the reason behind torture, Shriya responded saying “He is a busy singer. He usually performs in concerts and other cultural events. Keeping this in mind, I always tried to stop Humane from consuming alcohol. And this annoyed him and he used to beat me. He failed to perform on stage many a times because he was heavily drunk. Besides, he had to cancel his recordings at the last moment because he used to be not in a situation to go to studio and record songs.”

Upon being asked about the allegations of religious conversion, Shriya said, “You can see my videos and photos on social media. You never find me putting vermilion (sindoor) on my head. I was even prevented from applying ‘alata’ on my feet just because it is against Christianity. I was also forbidden from eating ‘prasad’ as it is considered as sin in their religion. Humane’s mother is very particular about it.”

Responding to allegations of Humane's mother that it was actually Shriya and her family members that forced the singer to take alcohol, she said, “Humane is 33 years old. He is not a newborn that we forced him to drink. Besides, he is a star. Mostly he remains out of the house whereas I live within the four walls. When did I get time to force him to consume alcohol?”

“There is a third person between us for which I was made to leave that house. When my parents went to his place for negotiations, they were ill-treated. I could not have made such a serious allegation against him had I not been sure about it.”

On being asked about the chances of an amicable resolution, she replied, “I am ready for a compromise. But it should come from heart. Instead of talking about compromise in media, he should make a genuine effort. I am a victim. I am not feeling safe when I think of going there. But all I need is a little time. If he wants me to return, then he should give the same love and respect.”

Reported by Debasis Mohanty, OTV

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