Pradeep Pattanayak

High drama was witnessed on stage during a Nua –O programme at Begunia in Khordha district on Tuesday after a girl student trying to meet BJD leader VK Pandian was snubbed and was later whisked away by female cops. 

As per reports, a Nua-O programme for the students of 12 colleges was organised at Begunia. A student from each of the colleges was called to the stage to receive the Nua-O scholarship from Pandian. 

After the photo session, all but one student got down from the dais. A purported video from the event shows the girl going to Pandian and requesting him to give her a patient hearing. When he didn’t listen to her and tried to brush her off, the latter pleaded with the former. 

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Just then a plain-clothed woman cop came onto the stage and with the help of another female cop forcibly took the student away from the stage. Later, when she was going to say something before the media, the college authorities took her away from the spot. She wasn’t given a chance to speak before the media. 

When reporters present on the spot insisted her to speak, her teacher intervened and said she fell off the stage and requested them not to make news out of it.

Soon after the incident, many questioned why Pandian, who was seen collecting grievances from people recently, didn’t pay any heed to the girl’s grievances.  

Later in the day Khordha Sub-collector issued a clarification and said, “The concerned student wanted to highlight certain problems about her college. Due to a minute-to-minute schedule, VK Pandian could not take it up on stage. Later after the conclusion of programme, he heard the student's grievance.”

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