Himansu Shekhar Rout

The Odisha government will look into the tragedy, reportedly caused by AC compressor explosion, at Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital in Bhubaneswar. 

Chief executive officer (CEO) of Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital Smita Padhi told this to media on Sunday. “We have received information that an investigation into the incident will be carried out by the state government and will tell what has happened”

She also added that as per norms for the medical college, a hospital must have a burn unit is compulsory. 

The CEO of the private hospital also added that the investigation will cover aspects such as how the explosion took place, who is the people responsible for it and whether the injured persons were treated properly. 

The investigation will also examine if there were lapses in the safety measures during the AC compressor work. 

The private hospital has reportedly landed in controversies after the traffic explosion and then the confusion over the mix-up of bodies of the deceased – Dilip Samantray and Jyoti Ranjan Mallick. Notably, three of the four injured people have died. 

On the other hand, 10 days have passed since the tragic incident, but the mystery shrouding the identification of the deceased is yet to be cracked. Meanwhile, police have preserved the body of an injured who claimed to be Dilip Samantaray before dying on Friday night. The private hospital had earlier declared Dilip Samantaray dead and his family was allegedly handed over another person’s body for cremation. 

Due to confusion in the identification of the bodies, the DNA test of the latest victim, claimed as Dilip Samantaray, will be done. Police said that the families of Jyoti Ranjan and Dilip have to wait for seven days till the DNA report is available.

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The family of Dilip is a harried lot as the last rituals of the deceased are getting delayed. Dilip’s mother has been spending sleepless nights at AIIMS where the latest victim’s body has been preserved.

Jyoti’s family has said that the last victim of the tragedy was not their son. The family members and relatives in Kantapada block of Cuttack are gearing up for the 10th-day rituals of Jyoti. They said that as Jyoti’s body was cremated by Dillip’s family, they will cut a ‘palas’ tree which will be treated as his body. And the last rites of Jyoti will be performed.

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