Vikash Sharma

Two persons, one from Haryana and the other in Karnataka, have died of influenza caused by the H3N2 virus, Union Health Ministry sources said on Friday.

As per reports, around 90 cases of the H3N2 virus have been reported in the country. As many as eight cases of the H1N1 virus have also been detected.

It is pertinent to mention here that there has been a rise in the number of flu cases. Most of the infections are caused by the H3N2 virus, also known as the "Hong Kong flu".

Health expert, Dr Narayan Mishra said, it is the appropriate time for the spread of influenza. The children below the age of 15 years are vulnerable to H3N2 variant. It also infects persons above the age of 60 years and others with comorbidities.

“Many people have been affected due to Covid and the immunity of respiratory tract of those are weak. Hence, this virus is spreading fast,” said Mishra.

According to Mishra, the second reason for the spread of the virus is that earlier 10 to 15 % people were taking influenza vaccine. But now it is not happening and it is also leading to the rise in the spread of the virus.

In view of the H3N2 virus, the Odisha government has also issued an advisory.

Odisha Government’s Advisory & Symptoms Of H3N2

The common symptoms of H3N2 include sore throat, fever, ache in muscles, cough, acute respiratory issues among others.

What To Do

Wear mask (must for people suffering from cold and cough) Use handkerchief while sneezing if not wearing mask Drink plenty of water

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