Rashmi Ranjan

Weddings are grand affairs with a lot of dance, music, food and fun-filled traditions. A plethora of arrangements is made by both the bride and groom’s families to make the D-day of the couple a special one.

Recently, in a rare sight during a wedding in Odisha, a groom took out a procession and reached the marriage venue on JCB making his wedding a distinctive one from others.

The incident has been reported from Chatranga village in Boudh district.

According to sources, the groom, identified as Gangadhar Behera, took out his marriage procession to Kiajhara village under Khandapada block in Nayagarh district.

However, instead of a luxury vehicle, Gangadhar preferred a JCB to reach the bride’s house.

According to sources, Gangadhar opted for JCB as his palanquin for the marriage as a mark of respect to his brother who is a JCB operator.

Meanwhile, the unique marriage procession has now become the talk of the town with people praising Gangadhar for his act of respect for his brother.

  • Reported by:
  • Rabindra Hota