Himansu Shekhar Rout

Retail chain Vishal Mega Mart received a jolt from the Court of the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Cuttack on charges of selling products even after their expiry date. The consumer court on Tuesday imposed a penalty of Rs 11 lakh in two separate cases on its stores at Rasulgarh in Bhubaneswar and at Sector-10, Bidanasi in Cuttack.

As per reports, the court has directed the retail chain to execute the order within the next 30 days.
Sunil Kumar Rath, a social activist of CDA, Cuttack had filed two petitions at the consumer court after getting complaints about the sale of expired products at Vishal Mega Mart stores in Rasulgarh and sector-10 of Bidanasi. 

“I had received complaints about expired products being sold at these stores. I also purchased a noodles packet from Rasulgarh at a 50 percent discount. But there were no specifications about its price and expiry date. I had also purchased a mixture packet on May 17, 2023, but its expiry date was May 15, 2023,” Rath said.

The consumer court disposed of the two cases on November 6 and released its order on November 7. 

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In its order, the court said that the Rasulgarh store will return the price of the mixture to the buyer and pay a compensation of Rs 20,000, Rs 30,000 as litigation fee, and Rs 5 lakh to the State welfare fund. Besides, the CDA sector-10 Mega mart store(Plot-10-3, CM-1205) was asked to return Rs 202, apart from paying Rs 20,000 as compensation, Rs 30,000 as litigation fee, and Rs 5 lakh to the state consumer welfare fund within the next 30 days.

The court also directed the retail chain to immediately remove the expired products and stop selling such products.  

However, no comments have been received from the Vishal Mega Mart authorities.

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