Cassian Baliarsingh

After the row over the removal of beautification lights, resentment is now brewing among devotees over the alleged discontinuance of the exhibition at the parking lot of Jagannath Ballav Pilgrim Centre in Puri. 

The exhibition, which was underway from January 17 this year, has been discontinued, the reason of which is not known even to temple officials and servitors now. The idea for such a center was to highlight and promote the Jagannath culture.

Meanwhile, different beshas (attire or decoration) of the Lord Jagannath have been mysteriously missing from the exhibition centre, reports said. Mysteriously, the centre has plunged into darkness after the electricity supply was allegedly snapped on June 5.

Similarly, prominent beshas of Lord Jagannath were included in the exhibition organised at JBPC, coinciding the grand opening of the Shree Jagannath heritage corridor. The Raghunath Besha was the centre of attraction at the exhibition.

The unusual turn of events soon after the poll debacle of BJD has raised serious concerns among the devotees in Puri. No comments could be obtained from the Srimandir temple officials or the district administration over such development.

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