Himansu Shekhar Rout

In an effort to strengthen the coastal security mechanism, a joint exercise titled Sagar Kavach started off the Paradip coast on Wednesday.

As per reports, a number of agencies of the country including the Indian Navy, Coast Guard, Odisha Marine Police, Fisheries and Forest departments, industrial security units, Paradip Port and ODRAF are part of the joint mock drill on coastal security.

The personnel of all these agencies were split into two groups – the Blue team and the Red team.

The Red team simulated the act of terrorists, who infiltrate into the coastal areas through the sea routes and try to plant bombs or other explosives in crowded or strategic locations. 

The Blue team launched a counter drive to foil the nefarious activities of the infiltrated ultras by maintaining close coordination and synergy among all coastal security stakeholders. 

This exercise is done twice a year to assess the efficacy and robustness of the coastal security mechanism that has to deal with threats coming from the sea. 
Lessons learnt from the exercise would be incorporated to strengthen the coastal security architecture - usually to augment surveillance in the area with enhanced security measures. 

Paradip DSP Santosh Kumar Jena said, "We have a long coastline. Strengthening coastal security has been essential given the strategic location. Every year, this joint coastal security exercise is practised. Sagar Kavach-1 has started and will continue for two days.”

He added, “We have vital installations in the area. This exercise is aimed at enhancing alertness and security surveillance to scuttle threats to these installations. About three platoons of force were deployed. Marine Police is carrying out patrolling.”

  • Reported by:
  • Ramakanta Nayak