Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Electricity production has been interrupted at Machkund hydroelectric project in Koraput district due to mechanical failure.

Currently, production of 120 megawatt power from as many as six turbines has been halted due to technical issues at TP dam, sources said.

As it is a very old hydroelectric project, the chain of the intake gate in front of the tunnel gate of the TP dam snapped. As a result, water flow from the hydroelectric project stopped.

Due to the technical issue, work at the hydroelectric project has been stopped. Meanwhile, the repair work could not be undertaken at the project site due to torrential rain.

Machkund hydroelectric project is located in the Machkund dam in Koraput district. The first unit of the power project was commissioned in 1959 and the total installed capacity of the project is 120 MWe.

The project is erected in the eastern hydroelectric region of the country and the east flowing rivers are the hydroelectric basin of the project. The unit size of the project is 120 MWe, having three units of 17 MW each and three units of 23 MW each. There are six units in operation.