Mrunal Manmay Dash

Long queues of patients at the OPDs of several departments will greet anybody who visits the Jagatsinghpur District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) on any working day.

While the State government is patting its own back by claiming to provide a good healthcare system, the reality is the exact opposite. As per reports, the DHH at Jagatsinghpur has a sanctioned capacity of 58 doctors. But the hospital has to manage with only 43.

Not only the doctors, but the DHH including other hospitals have hundreds of medical staff positions lying vacant for years.

“The government should see for itself what kind of healthcare service is being provided here at Jagatsinghpur and stop spreading false propaganda of providing good healthcare in Odisha,” said a local Arun Kumar Acharya.

Apart from an acute shortage of doctors, the DHH lacks modern equipment too, forcing the patients to move to Cuttack and Bhubaneswar for treatment.

“Patients are being referred to SCB Medical in Cuttack for even the smallest of matters. It creates major problems for the poor who can’t afford vehicles to take their patients to Cuttack. We demand the setting up of a medical college at Jagatsinghpur.”

Speaking about the staff shortage, a local, Sushama Pradhan said, “We do not have even half of the medical staff at the hospital. The government is only busy erecting buildings, but cannot provide doctors to see patients in those buildings.”

On the other hand, the Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO) has admitted to doctor shortage in the hospital. Speaking to OTV, CDMO Khetrabasi Dash said, “A medical college at Jagatsinghpur would definitely help. The requirements for the same can only be decided at the higher level.”

  • Reported by:
  • Sashank Sekhar Panda