Cassian Baliarsingh

Startling revelations are coming to the fore in the mysterious death of Bhubaneswar-based popular DJ Azex alias Akshay Kumar who was found dead at his residence recently.

A fresh report suggests that the artiste was in a relationship with three girls. He had reportedly lured all three girls into a relationship and was allegedly cheating them. However, his cheating could not last long as the girls found out about his infidelity and formed a WhatsApp group to expose him.

All the girls had formed a WhatsApp group where they discussed about how DJ Azex was cheating on all three of them. The WhatsApp group has chats of the young girls talking about how DJ Azex had trapped each of them into a relationship.

It is suspected that he was in a serious relationship with one of them while using the other two girls. A day back, it was reported that he was on a call with one of his girlfriends just 97 seconds before his death. He had also sent her a few pictures of himself crying in a black shirt gifted by her.

However, DJ Azex’s mother has refuted all the allegations and said, “This is all false. This is being done to defame my dead son. He has left behind enough proof on his laptop and mobile phone. The cyber police are now investigating the matter. I suspect Jigyansa of involving other girls and making false statements to escape.”

“Why would he commit suicide if he was in a relationship with three girls? He would have continued with other girls even if Jigyansa had dumped him. But, he only died for Jigyansa,” she further added.

(Reported by Alok Mohanty, OTV)