Rashmi Ranjan

In a recent development in DJ Azex death case, the family members of the deceased alleged tampering with the data stored in his mobile phone.

According to sources, the police handed over the mobile phone of DJ Azex to his family members after the investigation.

However, the father and mother of the DJ artist found that several vital photos and video chats were missing from the mobile phone, sources informed.

After learning that, the parents of Azex went to Kharvel Nagar police station and questioned who deleted the important photos and video chats for their son’s mobile phone and why.

Moreover, they also alleged that they are deprived of justice even after three months have passed since the mysterious death of their son.

“No photos are there in my son’s mobile phone. Three months have passed, but we are yet to get justice. Even if there are evidences supporting that my son was provoked to commit suicide, why no action is being taken against his girlfriend and her male friend,” questioned DJ Azex’s mother.

“The mobile containing important videos has been formatted,” said Nihar Ranjan Behera, a lawyer.

Notably on March 18, DJ Azex, one of the most prominent DJs in Odisha, was reportedly found dead under mysterious circumstances in Bhubaneswar.

Later, the family members of Azex alleged murder and accused his rumoured girlfriend and another youth to be the main conspirators behind the crime.

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