Pradeep Pattanayak

The Indian Coast Guard team stationed in Odisha on Tuesday rescued a vessel and its 25 crew members who got stranded mid-water off Paradip coast due to rough weather conditions on account of Cyclone Hamoon.  

The Government of India’s research vessel ‘Samudra Kaustubh’ with 25 crew members on board was in danger after it was adrift since Monday midnight, about 35 NM off Paradip.  The problem occurred due to the non-availability of engines as ropes kept on board had fallen and got entangled in propellers. 

The Indian Coast Guard’s ship ‘Amogh’ came to the rescue of the vessel. The former is learned to be towing the ‘Samudra Kaustubh’ to the Paradip Port. The research vessel is likely to reach Paradip Port tomorrow evening.

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