Cassian Baliarsingh

Minister of Railways of India Ashwini Vaishnaw received massive response for his proposed design of Cuttack railway station. The Union Railway Minister had recently uploaded the proposed design on his Twitter handle and sought the opinion of the public.

More than 70 per cent votes were cast in favour of proposed design with 35.6 per cent terming it as extraordinary. Another 21.6 per cent called it Excellent while only 15.7 per cent called it very good.

Twitterati users heaped praises and requested the minister to execute it as soon as possible.

A user wrote, “Unless things get lost in translation and execution, I think they have come up with a decent design. Reminds us of iconic barabarti fort. So quintessentially cuttacki look here. Look forward to see it soon in brick and mortar.”

“One humble request. Please make it user friendly. Easy access to senior citizens & disabled people ! Also most of the people travel with heavy luggage, so if we can implement trolley system like airport. I think that is more important than architecture,” commented another user.

Earlier in January, Vaishnaw had laid the foundation stone for the development of the second entry and circulating area of Cuttack railway station stating that the Ministry is committed to develop the railway station and funds are no constraint for the purpose.

Ashwini Vaishnaw had uploaded the design of Cuttack Railway station on Twitter and had asked for the public opinion on the proposed design. The design has been inspired on the theme of Cuttack Barabati Fort architecture.

The Minister had requested public to give rating on the design and based on the public rating further course of action would be taken. Public were requested to give maximum support to this new way of thinking.

This design is finalised by the Minister after the massive response from the public.