Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Senior BJD leader Prasanna Acharya has recently fuelled speculations of infighting in the party's Sambalpur unit after he reportedly took an indirect dig at Rairakhol MLA Rohit Pujari.

Acharya made the statement at the annual function of Bindhabasini Auto Association at Rairakhol in Sambalpur district.

In his address, Acharya launched a veiled attack on Pujari while putting a question mark on the development work in Rairakhol constituency.

“Rairakhol has not developed much due to our weakness and inability. There has not been much development work in the constituency. Many more works are to be undertaken in the constituency,” said Acharya.

“Development is never a full stop and there are only commas put in between. Development is a continuous process. Many things are done without purpose. As I am associated with Rairakhol people for more than four decades, I talked about development,” he added.

As per some political analysts, as Acharya is in a race for a BJD ticket from this constituency, he targeted local MLA Pujari indirectly.

However, Acharya brushed aside any kind of such possibility by saying that he is beyond any kind of speculation.

“I am a disciplined worker of BJD and beyond any kind of speculation,” said Acharya.

Meanwhile, responding to Acharya’s allegations, Pujari said that Acharya has not been the MLA of Rairakhol for the last 10 years and how could he know about the development activities undertaken in the constituency?

“I am not aware of Acharya’s speech. How could he know about the developmental activities undertaken in the constituency when he has not been the MLA of Rairakhol for the last 10 years? All kinds of developmental activities are going on under the leadership of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. As per my information, the kind of developmental work undertaken in Rairakhol has not been done elsewhere in the State,” said Pujari.