Himansu Shekhar Rout

A day after a crack was spotted on the gumuta of Srimandir’s north gate, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on Monday came out with an explanation that the crack is not exactly on the gumuta, but on a stone of ‘pabhag moulding’ of the entrance gate.

Speaking to the media, ASI superintendent (Puri Circle), DB Garnayak said that the crack was an outcome of cabling and pipeline laid on the structure. “The crack has been inspected and the crack-ridden part will be replaced with a new stone structure in two or four days. Its design has been made,” he informed.  

“The crack did not develop today but was seen long back. When cabling and pipelines were laid, the crack had developed then. Soil was deposited over it. During the Parikrama project, the soil was removed and the crack appeared,” the ASI superintendent said.

He further stated, “There is also a crack on the northern beam of the Garuda Stambha. The crack is five years old and has not spread further.

A support beam made of stainless steel is ready. We have set a target to finish the work by the Rath Yatra,” Garnayak said.

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