Vikash Sharma

Taking a major leap towards effective use of technology, the Commissionerate Police has decided to deploy advanced drones for better surveillance and other policing aspects in the city.

Bhubaneswar DCP, Prateek Singh said that the Commissionerate Police is now relying on technology to strengthen law and order, surveillance and crowd management.

“We had inducted advanced drone whose range is 5 km and it can keep track of activities from 500 metres height,” said Singh.

According to the Bhubaneswar DCP, the advanced drone will be used for traffic management and surveillance during rallies, gheraos and other international events in the city.

“Earlier we used to deploy manpower on rooftops during VVIP visits and other programmes to law and order situation. The drone technology will now be helpful in this regard,” said Singh adding that the drones will also be used during festivals for surveillance and better traffic management.

Singh said that only one drone has been brought and more will be procured after reviewing its utility.

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