Pradeep Pattanayak

The H9N2 virus causing respiratory illness among children in China is not a new virus and it has never been detected in Odisha, said Public Health Director, Dr Niranjan Mishra on Tuesday. 

“From media reports, we came to know that the cases of Pneumonia are increasing in China due to an unknown virus. The attention grew as it was reported to be a new disease. But, the WHO has already confirmed that the virus is not a new one. So there is no need to get panicked. It is a commonly circulating virus. Till now, the RMRC information says there is no detection of abnormal virus,” said Dr Mishra. 

“Earlier, it was mycoplasma Pneumonia. Now, there are influenza virus, adenovirus, and respiratory syncytial virus. These are commonly circulating viruses. We have these viruses here too. So, it is not a new disease. The central government has also said that there is no need to panic that the disease would come to India, “he said. 

“Since these viruses are commonly-circulating viruses; we have developed immunity against them. But, we shouldn’t let our guard down. We have to increase our surveillance. We have directed the districts to increase the surveillance against influenza-like illness, testing, and reporting. Covid tests are also going on in each district. We have also requested them to increase the Covid testing," he added. 

Informing about the preparedness, he said, “We have also directed the districts to keep beds aside, have facilities for testing, adequate drugs, strengthen oxygen support system, and manpower and to increase surveillance.” 

We would like to request the people who are suffering from cold and cough that they should use masks and stop going to crowded places, he added.

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