Himansu Shekhar Rout

It was really a chance encounter for some tourists when a leopard appeared ahead of them on their forest track and stayed there for minutes in the Similipal sanctuary of Mayurbhanj district. The tourists have captured the moments of the leopard blocking their way with their cameras.

The incident took place on Sunday. A group of tourists from Baripada went inside the sanctuary in the evening. After visiting several places, they were returning home in a van when the big cat was spotted on its haunches on the route before it started moving around the place.

They were reportedly frightened and speechless to see the ferocious big cat blocking their way. Their van was stuck for several moments.   

According to the tourists, the big cat was in fact after a wild boar. 

Jayant Das, one of the tourists from the Madhuban area of Baripada said, "It was around 7 pm on Sunday when we (family members) were returning from Chala to Pithabata gate and saw the leopard moving ahead of us. As our van light fell, it started moving. We were afraid and stuck there for several minutes. Our kids video-graphed the scene. “

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“Moments later, a wild boar rushed out of its cover behind our van. At that time, the big cat turned back and confidently was on its haunches in front of our van. Then, it started moving ahead of us for about 15 minutes. Our van started moving slowly and halted three to four times on the way. Those were the moments of joy mixed with fear to watch the big cat walking ahead of us in royal pride and confidence. The animal had no fear of anyone,” Jayant narrated.

Moments later, the spotted big cat left the place, bringing relief to the tourists.

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