Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

With cautious event managers, pub and restaurant owners all seeking their services during major events, women bouncers have broken the proverbial glass ceiling in the Capital City of Odisha. Though their numbers are less, they are hopeful that more and more female bouncers will join the profession soon. With a gradual increase in demand, they are optimistic to thrive in a male-dominated profession.

Meet female bouncers Pratima and Laxmipriya who have broken the barrier in Bhubaneswar.

Pratima was a national-level weightlifting champion. She was also a gym trainer. However, she didn’t get much recognition and earnings from her earlier professions and hence switched over to be a bouncer.

“Women are working in every field these days. So why will they not work as bouncers? I am really proud to be a lady bouncer. Huge responsibilities like safety and security of women are entrusted upon us during major events and I am so happy to carry out my duty as a female bouncer,” said Pratima.

“I love this profession and I have been working as a bouncer for the last six months in Bhubaneswar. My family members also support me wholeheartedly and therefore I don’t give much importance to people’s opinions. There are not many female bouncers in Odisha. I want to make a group of female bouncers. Let the people first know that there are also lady bouncers in Odisha like many other states,” she added.

Currently, there are seven bouncers in Pratima’s group which has been recently formed. The group members are hopeful that their demand will gradually increase and they will be hired by women celebrities and other event managers during major events in near future.

“Women have a stereotype that they can’t work as bouncers. But my experience is that it’s also a prestigious profession in which we work hard to earn money. There is nothing to be ashamed of, rather I feel proud by giving protection to women,” the female bouncer said adding that she has the strength to control around 50 persons during a mob.

However, Pratima rues that they are not currently earning much in the profession.

“We have only started working as bouncers in Bhubaneswar recently. Hopefully, our demand will grow gradually and we will be able to earn well in future,” she said.

Inspired by Pratima, Laxmipriya has also set an aim to work as a professional female bouncer.

“From my very childhood, I had a dream to work in defence field. But somehow my dream was not fulfilled. When I saw Pratima, who is like my elder sister, I loved her work and decided to work as a bouncer in her group. I feel I am tailor-made for the profession due to my strengths and potential,” said Laxmipriya.

“The number of female bouncers is less in Bhubaneswar in comparison to their male counterparts. However, with time and awareness among people, our number will gradually grow and we are hopeful of a better future,” she added.

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